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Vyron Andy Morkassel was born the second son of Paul and Diana (Northup)Morkassel . He was married to Nancy Irene Pelzman on 2/27/88 and had two children, Vyron Andy II and Karina Marie. They were divorced in March of 1996 and on the night of September 5th, 1998, He proposed to Lauri Susan Tommerdahl. They were married on April 10th, 1999 at the Church of Christ in Fargo. They honeymooned in Jamaica. In July 1999 they moved to Davenport. From August 2000 to June 2001 Markus Peter Hentschel from Germany lived with them and from August 2001 to May 2002 Maria Jesus Valero Aracama from Spain lived with them.
Vyron and Lauri had a child, Brayden Dale on On November 5th, 2002.

Here is an 18 Month update on Brayden from Lauri:

I talked to Sheryl the other day on the phone and she requested developmental updates on Brayden. So I’ll share a few things with you all too.

He’s of course been walking now for about 6 months. He’s now resorted to running because walking is just too slow. He talks all the time, most of the time we don’t know what he’s saying, but, boy, he sure does. He does say lots of words and little phrases, like “I don’t know” and “oh, man”. Today he had a conversation with Vyron on the telephone. Vyron asked him if he missed him and he said “Uh-huh”. Then Vyron asked him if mommy missed him and Brayden said, “Ummm” and looked at me. The conversation went on with easy questions like that until Vyron asked him what he was doing. Brayden said what sounded very much like “I talka Daddy” and I think that is exactly what he was trying to say. The little bugger understands EVERYTHING that we say which is a little scary sometimes. For example, also today, he was running around and was stumbling so I was watching him pretty close as sometimes the gets a little wobbly when his blood sugar drops. I determined it wasn’t his blood sugar at all, but that he was just dragging his feet and not picking them up high enough. So I told him when he fell the next time that he needed to pick his feet up when he walked. So he looks at me, then his feet, and bends over and proceeds to pick them up one by one with his hands. I couldn’t help but laugh which he thought was really funny also. He has also recently discovered shadows and that he has control of them. He’s still a little mesmerized by them because he doesn’t know exactly why he has control of them or really what they are. Vyron and I have also determined that Brayden is going to be a professional basketball player and are planning on this for our retirement. Just kidding, but he really loves basketball. He has little basketball hoops set up around the house and will shoot anything available if there are no balls around. He loves watching live basketball games as we’ve been to quite a few to watch his brother play and his sister cheer. He sometimes even does the little bend of the knees and bounce before he shoots just like the guys he’s seen shoot free throws. Now that basketball season is over we’ve had to turn on some college basketball and watch on the TV instead. It’s almost as good and he cheers when they make baskets.

Well, I could write a whole lot more, but what’s exciting for us is probably not as exciting to the rest of you so I’d better quit here. Love you all! Love Lauri

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Vyron Andy Morkassel Family

Children of Vyron and Nancy (Pelzman) Morkassel

Vyron Andy II Morkassel Born on 4/23/90
Karina Marie Morkassel Born on 7/29/88

Children of Vyron and Lauri (Tommerdahl) Morkassel

Braydon Dale Morkassel Born on 11/06/2002
A current picture of Vyron and Fiancee, Lauri
Here's one with Matthew at April's graduation party
Vyron's Family including his parents
Vyron and Lauri With Newborn Braydon
Karina and Andy; 2002
Maria on Prom Night; 2002
Vyron in 1971
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